Viking Traps

A new type of crab trap that revolutionizes crab fishing.

Vikingteina i aksjon i Sverige! Båten Asterix har fått god fangst💪🦀


Her er det 70kg i teina🦀 fantastisk fangst av Arild Breivik🎉🍾💪



The Viking Trap

A new way to catch crabs.

A new concept

The Viking Trap is a new type of crab trap that fishes up to 7 times better than current crab traps.

Increased catch

32,8kg average catch from tests fishing with The Viking Trap.

Larger crab pot

Weighing 23kg and with a volume 2.5 times larger than a typical crab traps.

The Viking Trap

78×78 cm bottom frame | 65cm height | weight approx 23kg

Through test fishing along large parts of the Norwegian coast, we have documented catch volumes that are up to seven times higher than with conventional traps, while the consumption of both bait and fuel is lower. We have won awards and prestige for our new, patented technology, which can be best described as revolutionary!

By switching to The Viking trap, fishermen can operate with fewer traps on board, which increases profitability and reduces the risk of accidents.

Due to their size and the volume of catch, a lifting arrangement, normally a davit over the hauling position, is needed to handle the Viking pots. This reduces manual handling, and consequently minimises bad backs and sore shoulders.

Benefits of The Viking Trap

  • Catch more crabs with fewer pots
  • 25% reduction in bait use
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Change rot cord in one minute
  • Less risk of ghost fishing

The Midgard Trap

60×60 cm bottom frame | 58cm height | weight approx 16kg

The Midgard Trap, our latest trap specifically designed for string fishing. This trap is smaller, lighter, and stronger while also being quicker to open/close/empty. It is suitable for both commercial and recreational fishermen.

By switching to The Midgard Trap, fishermen can operate with fewer traps on board, increasing profitability and reducing the risk of accidents.

Benefits of The Midgard Trap

  • Quicker opening/closing/emptying
  • Smaller, lighter, and stronger
  • Suitable for both single and string fishing
  • Can be attached at both the top and bottom
  • Two-level entrance

Designed by and for professionals

  • Robust steel construction
  • Designed to withstand weather and wind
  • Quick and easy emptying
  • Efficiently stackable in height
  • Fits perfectly on a pallet

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